Who I am

My name is Luis. I'm 37 years old Spaniard coming from a small city called Soria. I'm a very perseverant and proactive person who believes in what he does. I'm also quite funny and, in general, a good guy.

What I do

Digital design, UI design, UX design, motion design... It's hard to label what a designer does these days. It's a little mix of everything. Let's just say that I use design to solve problems and get things done.

Why I do it

Because I love it. Yeah, I know, it sounds cheesy and all, but it's the truth. I love what I do, and there is no better way to describe it. I'm very passionate and that's something you can see in my work.


Creative mind

I easily generate ideas and concepts, even under stress.



I'm skilled in very different areas, which comes in handy.


Team player

I'm always willing to listen to my colleges and help others.

Problem solving

Problem solving

I work well under pressure which helps find solutions faster.



I'm happy to improve and learn new softwares and techniques.


Tech geek

Passionate about technology and the latest trends.


My story

  • Degree on Advertising and PR

    University of Valladolid · 2008

    In 2008 I finished a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. After a short internship at a PR agency, I realised I needed to improve my English and get more experience, so I decided to move to the UK and continue my studies there.

  • Web/Graphic Designer

    Microtalk · London · 2009

    In 2009 I arrived in London with the idea of staying there for a year. Shortly after my arrival, I got an internship at a small tech company where I designed websites, emails and display advertising for over a year.

  • MSc on Corporate Communications

    University of West London · 2010

    Decided to make the most of my time in London, I also studied a master's degree during that time. By the end of 2010, once I finished my master and the internship, I returned to Spain.

  • Graphic/Content Designer

    Cives Mundi · Soria · 2011

    In early 2011 I joined a Spanish NGO as a graphic/content designer where I took care of their social networks, creating all their digital assets and videos. However, at the end of that year, the economic recession hit Spain hard, so I decided that the best for me was to move back to London.

  • Motion/Visual Designer

    Printerpix · London · 2011

    Once I returned to London at the end of 2011, I got a job for a multinational e-commerce company that sold printed products on the European market. I stayed there for two years doing mostly graphic and visual design for emails and websites, as well as motion graphics for marketing videos.

  • UI/Visual Designer

    eBay Inc · London · 2013

    In 2013 I got a job for eBay where I worked for their brand 'Gumtree' giving design support for the B2B, SEO, sales and product teams. I did both visual design for display advertising and emails, as well as UI design for microsites and landing pages. There I got the first taste of UX and user testing and I was immediately hooked.

  • UX/UI Designer

    IRIS Software · London · 2014

    In 2014 I joined a software company where I was tasked with improving the overall usability and conversion rates of their product 'KashFlow'. My tasks included designing user flows, creating user personas, implementing new interactions, and improving the user interface. Also, occasionally, I did motion graphics for marketing videos.

  • Senior UX/UI Designer

    Adelane Studio · Madrid · 2016

    In 2016, after many years away from my family and friends, I decided my cycle in London was over and it was time to return to Spain and settle down. After the summer I joined a design agency in Madrid where I did UX and UI design for different projects for almost a year.

  • Lead UI/Visual Designer

    Twyp by ING · Madrid · 2018

    In 2018 I joined ING to work on their app 'Twyp" as a Lead UI/Visual designer. My main task was to completely redesign the visual style of the application, creating a new design system, a new iconography and illustrations, while supervising the overall UI and visuals of the application.

  • Lead UX/UI Designer

    Twyp by ING · Madrid · Present

    At the beginning of 2020 I was promoted to Lead UX/UI Designer and tasked with designing the new version of the app, defining the new information architecture as well as improving the user flows and overall usability of the app, based on tests and research with users. I also continued to supervise the UI and the design system of the app.


Some of the companies I've designed for


and what they think of me


some of the tools i use

  • Photoshop


  • Illustrator


  • Indesign


  • Premiere


  • After Effects

    After Effects

  • Character Animator


  • Dreamweaver


  • Animate


  • Lightroom


  • Audition


  • Xd


  • InVision


  • Sketch


  • Figma


  • Framer


  • Lottie


  • UserZoom


  • Axure


Interested? Give me a call

+34 717 717 597

or drop me an email